Hide Add To Cart Button for Magento 2

This extension allows you to hide the "Add To Cart" button for a specific product.  There is no need to hide a full product page from the catalog when you only need to disable online purchases for that item. It works with Hyva and Luma Themes
Magento version Magento 2.2 - 2.4
Support 90-days 90-days free support

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Merchants may need to disable the standard "Add To Cart" button for various reasons such as offline sales, sales via the phone, or sales that need a consultation before the purchase.

Magento does not allow hiding the "Add To Cart" button from the product page by default. The only way to disable the customer's ability to order a product is to hide the product on the store. However, what if the product is out of stock temporarily? Hiding this page will distort the SEO ranking position of the product page which may disappoint your customer who added this item to their wish list.

Hide Add To Cart Button by Eltrino saves the product page from hiding. It disables product orders by removing the button.


• Hide (remove) "Add To Cart" button from the product page

• Disable product orders

• Apply to one or more product

• Save product page from hiding

• Hyva Theme compatible

How to Hide Add To Cart Button video

Examples of Usage

1. Out of Stock Products: Prevent customers from ordering products that are temporarily unavailable without removing the product page.

2. Consultation Required Sales: For products that require customer consultation before purchase, you can hide the button to encourage direct contact.

3. Phone or Offline Sales: If you prefer handling certain product sales via phone or offline methods, remove the button to guide customers accordingly.

Benefits for Store Users

• Improved SEO: Keep product pages visible to maintain their SEO rankings even if products are not available for immediate purchase.

• Customer Satisfaction: Avoid disappointing customers by clearly indicating product availability without hiding the page.

• Flexibility: Easily manage which products can be ordered online and which require alternative sales methods.


• SEO Impact: Studies show that hiding pages can negatively impact SEO rankings, leading to a drop in traffic by up to 50%.

• Customer Trust: Transparency about product availability can increase customer trust and lead to higher satisfaction rates.

• Sales Flexibility: Merchants who offer alternative sales methods, such as consultations, report an increase in customer engagement by 25%.

By implementing the Hide Add To Cart Button for Magento 2, you ensure better product page management, maintain SEO performance, and provide flexible sales options to your customers.

Release notes

Magento version Magento 2
Release notes

Version number:  2.4.1

   Features and updates:

Compatible with Magento 2.4.6 (PHP 8.2)


Version number:  2.3.9

   Features and updates:

Compatible with Magento 2.4.4 (PHP 8.1)


Version number:  2.3.8

   Features and updates:

Compatible with Magento 2.4.2


Version number:  2.3.7

   Features and updates:

Fixed access array offset error


Version number:  2.3.6

   Features and updates:

Added CSP support. Created a new template for cross-sell products


Version number:  2.3.5

   Features and updates:

The module checks each product in the cart on the checkout if it is available for purchase. Otherwise, it will show warning messages "Some product is not available for sale. See shopping cart"

If you want to hide the "Add To Cart" button for a grouped product, you also need to hide the "Add To Cart" button for each simple products, that are part of the group
This version doesn't hide the "Add To Cart" button of a simple product (specific product configuration) inside the configurable product. It just disables adding to the cart of such configuration.


Version number:  2.3.0

   Features and updates:

- This version is compatible with Magento 2.3

Hyva Compatible No


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