Customer Analytic Pro for Magento 2

Customer Analytic Pro in the Admin Panel shows additional metrics about visitors and customers, the types of customers, cart values, shopping types, and last URLs in real-time.
Magento version Magento 2.2 - 2.4
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This professional version of Customer Analytic extension empowered to analyze in real-time not only customers but visitors. It shows additional information about customers and visitors in real-time, analyzes and reacts immediately. For example, you follow customers online and see that there are several visitors on the Blue Bag product page, but neither customer has proceeded to checkout.  You can change the stock status from "Limited quantity available" to stimulate purchase immediately.

Also, merchants can create personalized offers using registered customer data. For instance, a Customer Analytic Pro merchant sees that his loyal customer, Anna is browsing the store and has an active cart but still hasn't proceeded to checkout. So the merchant may send a special personalized offer for just for Anna. 



Additional Summary Metrics 

  • Active Carts Value - the total amount of merchandise in all active shopping carts.
  • Item Quantity - the total number of items in active shopping carts.
  • Active Carts - the total number of active shopping carts.
  • Current Checkouts - current number of customers in the checkout process.


Additional Filters & Information For Customer 

  • Adds new columns to the grid:
    • Session Start Time - shows the time when visitor or customer starts the session.
      • Comparing to the Last Activity time, it shows the duration of the session. 
      • It helps to understand customer behavior better.
      • For instance, if sessions with the same product in carts take more time then on average for a similar product, so maybe the product description isn't clear enough or customers need to compare the product with a similar option. 
    • Shopping Type - this field defines the type of activity for the online customer (browsing, active cart, checkout)
    • Country - display information about the country and the city, a user who came to your site
    • Name - first and last name of the customer (only for registered customers)
    • Last URL - a page where is customer or visitor 
    • Cart Value - the total amount of merchandise added to the shopping cart
    • Qty items - the total number of items in the shopping cart
    • IP Address
    • Type - Visitor / Customer
    • Action - Empty Cart / Show Cart Button (if products are already in the cart) 
 •  Customers ➝ Now Online (main screen)  
 •  Stores ➝ Settings ➝ Configuration ➝ Eltrino Extensions ➝ Online Customers ➝ Settings 

Release notes

Magento version Magento 2
Release notes

Customer Analytic Pro v 1.0.2:

- CSP support
- Fixed Shopping type filter
- Improved the logic for saving IPs that will be marked as bots


Customer Analytic Pro v 1.0.0:

Compatible with Magento Open Source (CE): 2.3
This version empowered to analyze in real-time not only customers but visitors.

Hyva Compatible No


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