Customer Analytic Pro for Magento 2

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Customer Analytic Pro (Extended Online Customers) allows observing customer behavior in real time.

Due to Customer Analytic Pro merchants can get insider information about their online customers in real time and react to customer actions immediately.
For example, you follow Customers - Online Customers and see that there are several visitors on the Blue Bag product page, but neither of them has proceeded to checkout.  So you can change stock status into "Limited quantity available" to stimulate purchase immediately.
Additional summary metrics with extension
 •  Active Carts Value - the total amount of merchandise in all active shopping carts.
 •  Item Quantity - total number of items in current shopping carts.
 •  Active Carts - total number of open shopping carts.
 •  Current Checkouts - current number of customers in the checkout process.
Additional filters and information for grid at the customer level
 •  Shopping Type - this field defines the type of activity for the online customer (browsing, active cart, checkout)
 •  Type - who is now on your store, registered customer or guest.
 •  Country - display information about the country and the city, a user who came to your site.
 •  Name - first and last name of the customer (only for registered customers)
 •  Email - email of the customer (just for registered customers)
 •  Cart Value - the total amount of merchandise, which was added to the shopping cart.
 •  Qty items - total number of items in the shopping cart for the current customer.
 •  Customers ➝ Online Customers (main screen)  
 •  Stores ➝ Settings ➝ Configuration ➝ Eltrino Extensions ➝ Online Customers ➝ Settings 
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