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This extension will allow you to replace product's price with custom message or image and hide button "Add to Cart". With using flexible settings you can do it for different customer groups or for specific category based on your needs.


The Call for Price is an amazing and very useful extension to help you increase your phone sales when price is flexible, changing quite often or depends on many details. 
The module allows to leave message or image for your customers and suggest them make a call. Also, you can hide product price for non-registered users and display it for logged in users or do it for different customer groups or for specific category based on your needs



 •  Easy to setup and configure
 •  Replaces product price with custom message or image
 •  Hide "Add to cart" button
 •  Hide price for custom options
 •  Hide custom options block
 •  Work for all product types
 •  Can be applied to specific customer group
 •  Can be applied to specific products
 •  Can be applied to specific categories
 •  You can use HTML content in custom message
 •  You can use your own image instead of custom message



System ➝ Configuration ➝ Call For Price



You should perform the following steps only in case if you will use Call For Price functionality for Grouped Products. It's really easy :)

Release Notes

Version number: 1.0.2

    Fixed bugs:
    - Problem with displaying static block, when we use two store view or more
    - Configurable product: After disabling CFP, block with options does not appear. It still hide.
    - When CFP enabled for category, all products will be added to wishlist with price
    - CFP block does not applied to new product
    - Problem with individual setting of displaying CFP for category
    - After saving changes in category, popup "Please wait" does not disappear
    - Problem with displaying CFP, when set option "Use Config Settings"            


Version number: 1.0.1

    Fixed bugs:
    - SQLSTATE in tab Call For Price on category settings
    - Problem with displaying "Add to cart" button for products with CFP

    Features and updates:
    - Added comment under the drop-down "Enable" in System Configuration
    - Support Magento CE 1.8 and 1.8.1            


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Magento version Magento 1
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