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The State and Region manager extension from Eltrino allows administrators to configure the states or regions displayed to customers.


Control the states/regions displayed to your customers in the administrative interface of Magento. This extension adds an easy to use control panel which allows you to select states or regions to exclude from display to customers. A common issue that many users of Magento face is the list of states (regions for non-US) displayed to customers during checkout, registration and estimate shipping. When Magento is first installed a number of items exist for the United States that are not commonly shipped to or need specific shipping rules. Also, you can customize the displaying of the regions for the Store View scope.


Video Demonstration: 

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 Affects the following areas

 •  Shipping Address
 •  Estimate Shipping
 •  Billing Address
 •  Registration

Areas commonly excluded from Magento stores (for the US)

 •  Alaska
 •  American Samoa
 •  Armed Forces Regions
 •  Federated States Of Micronesia
 •  Guam
 •  Hawaii
 •  Marshall Islands
 •  Northern Mariana Islands
 •  Palau
 •  Puerto Rico
 •  Virgin Islands

Included Countries

This extension works for all countries included in Magento that have states or regions that may be excluded.  
 •  Austria
 •  Canada
 •  Estonia
 •  Finland
 •  France
 •  Germany
 •  Latvia
 •  Lithuania
 •  Romania
 •  Spain
 •  Switzerland



System ➝ Configuration ➝ Region Management (block Sales)

Release Notes

Version number: 1.2.3

  Fixed bugs:

   - Not all admin actions presented in ACL

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Magento version Magento 1
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