Region Manager for Magento 2: Remove States and Regions in Magento Admin

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Region Manager for Magento 2 with easy to use control panel empowers users to select states or regions to exclude from display in the dropdown to customers on checkout, registration and estimate shipping stages.




Region Manager allows handling list of states/regions displayed in the dropdown to your customers. Through user-friendly control panel you can easily exclude unevaluable for shipping and billing areas.


It’s a common issue for Magento stores’ customers to face the list of states (regions for non-US) displayed during checkout, registration, and estimating shipping processes. You can avoid this if you disabled regions in Region Manager administrative panel.



•  Select and exclude displayed for customers states/regions through Admin Panel


Affects the following areas

•  Shipping Address

•  Estimate Shipping

•  Billing Address

•  Registration


States and regions commonly rejected from USA Magento stores

•  Alaska

•  American Samoa

•  Armed Forces Regions

•  Federated States Of Micronesia

•  Guam

•  Hawaii

•  Marshall Islands

•  Northern Mariana Islands

•  Palau

•  Puerto Rico

•  Virgin Islands


Included Countries

This extension works for all countries included in Magento that have states or regions that may be excluded.  

•  Austria

•  Canada

•  Estonia

•  Finland

•  France

•  Germany

•  Latvia

•  Lithuania

•  Romania

•  Spain

•  Switzerland



System ➝ Region Manager ➝ Region Visibility Settings ➝ New Region Configuration (selected items will NOT be displayed to customers)

Installation Guide

Version number:  2.1.5
   Features and updates:
This version is compatible with Magento 2.3.2

Version number:  2.1.4
   Features and updates:
This version is compatible with Magento 2.3

Version number:  2.1.3
   Features and updates:
Was fixed bug that produced a white screen on the first loading of the checkout page

Version number:  2.1.2
   Features and updates:
Support Magento CE 2.2
Version number:  2.1.1
   Features and updates:
Support Magento CE 2.1
Version number:  2.1.0
   Features and updates:
Support Magento CE 2.0
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